High Points from PhoCusWright@ITB 2010

My recap of the PhoCusWright@ITB 2010 conference has been published as a guest post on Josiah Mackenzie’s Hotel Marketing Strategies Blog. Titled “30+ Takeaways from PhoCusWright@ITB 2010“, the reality was that Josiah actually requested the Top-10 take-aways from the conference and I expanded a bit on the premise. The session covered considerable territory, including all key areas driving travel industry innovation from a business model, strategic and technology perspective.

Hotel Marketing Strategies Blog

PhoCusWright@ITB 2010 Recap on the Hotel Marketing Strategies Blog

Presenters included PhoCusWright CEO Philip Wolf; Gene Quinn, Chairman of PhoCusWright; Krista Pappas of Microsoft’s Bing; David Roche, President of Expedia’s Hotels.com and Venere.com brands; Rick Seany, CEO of FareCompare.com; Google Travel Spain MD Javier González-Soria; Daniel Krisch, Director of Client Services for h2 consulting; Jean-Louis Richard of the Millennium Foundation; Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting; and Lonely Planet CEO Matthew Goldberg.

My sincere apologies to Timothy O’Neil-Dunne of T2Impact who truly belonged in the recap, but I wound up missing a good portion of his case study on Intermediary Opportunities In Ancillary Revenue.

In the final analysis, when determining what organizations were most worthy to deserve the greatest profits and/or funding originating from the travel industry, the decision was not extremely difficult. In the running of course, were the large online travel agencies, the venture capitalists, public markets & private equity funds, innovative start-ups, enabling technology developers, and the major travel suppliers.

From that lot, I have to select Jean-Louis Richard of the Millennium Foundation. MASSIVEGOOD is a noble and worthy cause. If their goal of solving the challenges of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and supporting maternal/child health improvement is accomplished, there will be a great many more people able to enjoy the joy and adventure of travel.

Please Join MASSIVEGOOD, and ask others to click MASSIVEGOOD. The large banner at the top of my Views from a Corner Suite blog cannot be missed – and that is exactly the point.

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