A mobile booking platform is the next big opportunity in the $27B Tour & Activity Market.

In a recent article I wrote at Tnooz, I discuss a big entrepreneurial opportunity I see in the tour and activity market by selling 1-day activities to in-destination travelers via a mobile only booking app. This would be a pure transactional business via traveler’s mobile devices, one that I am very familiar with having successfully built and sold a youth-based ski travel agency or OTA, where we sold ski packages direct to consumers online. Why I am so excited about the opportunity is that the current in-destination traveler purchasing behavior aligns perfectly with the needs of the travel supplier to sell their services direct to the traveler. I learned the hard way as an entrepreneur in a former venture, that it is very difficult to change customer and or consumer buying behavior. You can hit the jackpot if your product or service fulfills immediate demand. Feel free to post a comment about what you think. Matt Zito is an Internet travel business consultant and entrepreneur. Matt works with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs to help start and grow travel businesses. The Travel Business Academy is a professional online course that helps entrepreneurs start a travel business.
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