How to drive Facebook engagement like KLM? Start playing “destination hangman”!

KLM are currently the undisputed champions of using social media to drive engagement. They won our Best Airline in Social Media award last year, have one of the Best Facebook Timelines, allow you to sit next to your Facebook friend, and even dress up like one of their flight attendants! Their VP of eCommerce says that airline marketing is up for an overhaul, and they’re leading the way. But we all know they put a lot of time, people and money behind their efforts (see study).

So, if you had one tenth the resources that KLM has and no budget, what can you learn from them to drive insane engagement? Play destination hangman with your Facebook fans! It’s similar to what you played as a kid in school, just featuring your airline’s destinations. Simple! :)

We had recently shared that one of the best Facebook Engagement strategies is “Fill in the blank”. Destination hangman is like putting this strategy on steroids!

How does it work? Let’s see how KLM does it. It’s a simple three step process:

  1. Put up a nice photo of one of your destinations on your Facebook wall
  2. In the caption, ask people to guess the city
  3. Fill in the blanks every 1000 fans you gain!

Simple. KLM has been doing it on their Facebook page for some time, and they’re getting tremendous amount of engagement through it. See it for yourself in the screenshots below!

So, your airline or airport is on Facebook and Twitter too? But just when you got comfortable with conversations on Twitter and Facebook, along come a few new kids to the social media block – welcome FourSquare, Pinterest and Google+, to name a few. What are they and how can you use them to engage, expand reach and add value to the conversation? Also, are you under pressure to justify your social media efforts or need data to expand into these new channels? SimpliFlying can help! Just like how we’ve helped over 25 airlines and airports around the world drive results by engaging customers. Just drop us a note at


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