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PhoCusWright Connect is the social media platform of PhoCusWright Inc., the travel industry research authority on how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect. As a community of travel industry bloggers, PhoCusWright Connect features both research from PhoCusWright and its analysts and the opinions of syndicated bloggers from across the travel industry.

Citing PhoCusWright Connect Posts:

When citing PhoCusWright Connect posts, please be aware of whether the post is authored by PhoCusWright or a syndicated author. PhoCusWright items may be sourced to PhoCusWright or to “the analyst, title, at PhoCusWright” (find out more about our analysts). Items sourced via a syndicated author should be attributed to that author. Posts by syndicated authors are clearly noted.

Contacting PhoCusWright & Our Analysts:

Members of the press are encouraged to visit the PhoCusWright press page for information on how to receive data, analysts quotes, press copies of our research and event press credentials. You may also sign up to receive press releases via email or RSS. Contact

Contacting Syndicated Bloggers:

Please follow the links provided on syndicated blog posts to reach the syndicated blogger’s Web site. Contact the syndicated blogger directly in reference to their posts and opinions.

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